Online Safety

Tips and tricks to stay safe when sending or receiving anonymous messages to your friends!

Keeping safe online, and still having fun!

Is Secret-Share Safe?

Secret-Share is definitely safe. Secret-Share allows each user to have a completely different, unfind-able link where they can ask their friends to send them secrets, anonymous messages, and etc. This means that, unless shared by a friend, there should never be any conflict or strangers in your secret message box.

Guidelines for keeping safe with Secret-Share

Try to be anonymous

If you intend to share your secret-share link on social media or with any strangers, we advise you to never put your real name. We also advise you to NEVER use your surname under any circumstance.

Do not share contact information, or have conversations

This site is fully intended for fun anonymous messages, this is not a messaging software. If you intend to use this site to talk back-and-forth with another user, please do not. We also strongly advise against using any contact information in your anonymous messages.

Be polite at all times

This site is for the secret-share game, we do not tolerate toxicity, abuse, negativity, or threats. This is solely intended to be for your friends, and not for any conflict.

Do Not Send Money

Please do not send money to anyone who sends any anonymous message asking for money on this site.

People are not always who they claim to be

Be careful that a lot of people are not who they claim to be, it is vital to never trust anyone completely on a software like this.

Be wary of trolls

If you post your secret-share link in a public area, you have to be wary that anyone will be able to message you, including trolls.