Security on Secret-Share's anonymous messenger

How our site is secure and keeps your secret-share messages hidden from other users.


Everything that you'll need to know about the security of secret-share

Is Secret-Share anonymous?

Obviously one of the main strong-suits of is that you'll never have to log in, register, or etc. in order to send anonymous messages on our site. This must come with a lot of questions about our security and whether or not your anonymous messages and truly anonymous, but they are.

How is it anonymous?

Information about the users.

In order to create your username, you will need to allow cookies. Our site uses a token, password, and your user agent in order to completely make sure that nobody else can ever view your anonymous messages. If you are unable to create your username, please enable cookies for our site.

Sending messages?

Sending secret-share messages will never cause any issues, our secret messages will guard your username, ip, and all information other than your messages content and the date that it was sent, this means that you are truly anonymous and secret when you use Secret-Share

More questions about security?

If you have any more questions about secret-share, we are willing to answer any emails and questions that you may have, please contact our official support email