New Anonymous Messenger - Secret Share

Send Anonymous Messages To Your Friends And Colleagues Without Registration


What Is Secret Share?

Secret-share is our brand new advanced software which allows all users to send 100% anonymous messages to their friends without them ever knowing who sent it!
If you are looking for fun and secrecy in messages, this game is the right thing for you!

How Anonymous Is Secret-Share?

Anonymous And Secure

To ensure 100% anonyminity, users are only allowed to access the secrets they are sent through this website. Their "log in" is stored in cookies, once "logged out" these will disappear and be deleted usually within 10 days. If a user is not "logged out" all of their secret messages will delete every 60 days.

How Secure?

Where Should You Use Secret-Share?

Where You Should Use

We strongly recommend using this website in group-chats, social media pages, and more! By using this anonymous messenger, all you need to do is put a link in your group chat, social media page, or other and your friends can immediately start sending you secret messages without even creating an account!

Need More Info?

How Safe Is Secret-Share?

Anonymous And Secure

Secret-Share is the safest anonymous messenger out of all of it's competitors, users can only send you anonymous messages if they have your 20 character unique token, which is impossible to find unless shared with. This means that random strangers should never send you any anonymous messages.

Concerned About Safety?

How We Do 0 Registrations?

Secret Share's unique features use cookies to manage your secret-share link instead of any passwords, this means that nobody else can ever read your secret messages and that you will never have to register.

How to use?

How To Be Sent An Anonymous Message?

To be sent an anonymous message on secret-share, simply enter by pressing that hyperlink or the "Play" button at the top, and enter your name. After pressing create you will be given a link. This is your secret-share link. Send this to your friends in a group chat, instagram, facebook, or any social media

How To Send An Anonymous Message?

To Send an anonymous message to another user, simply use their link and leave a message. After sending, they will receive your message. This will not contain your name or any identifiable information. Only the content of the message, and the date it was sent.

How To Delete Anonymous Messages?

One of the strongest parts of Secret-Share is how easy it is to get rid of your anonymous messages. Simply just click "Log Out" from your dashboard. (This is where you view your anonymous messages / find the link)
Within 10 days of clicking "Log Out" your secret messages will be permanently deleted.

Enjoy Your Usage Of Secret-Share.Net

Please keep in mind when you use that is only meant to be used for enjoyment and is not meant to be taken seriously. We as a site are not responsible for any messsages that are sent to you via secret-share.